Why Bike Fit?

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Why Bike Fit?

Why Bike Fit?

Has some aspect of your bike simply never felt “right”? Have you ever experienced back, neck, shoulder, or wrist pain when riding? Knee, foot, or ankle pain? Do your hands, feet, or saddle region ever go numb? Are you looking to maximize the comfort and performance of your bicycle?

Whether you are a recreational or competitive rider, proper bicycle fit is critical to insure comfort and efficiency, making every ride a little more enjoyable. Proper bike fit, in tandem with improved pedaling mechanics, will allow you to ride faster, longer and more efficiently.

When performing a fit, our we use proven principles of bio-mechanics, anthropometric measurements and aerodynamics to find the position most conducive to one’s riding style, as well as reducing the risk of injury. Helping you find a neutral spine position that allows for maximum transfer of power to the pedals while maintaining efficiency and posture will not only reduce your risk of injury, but will lead to improved performance.

Our Retul and Dartfish 3D motion capture systems allows us to perform a comprehensive fitting from the cleats up, ensuring accurate joint angle measurements, as well as proper alignment in all three planes of movement.

All bike fit dimensions are documented on your fit form, allowing one to easily transfer the measurements to a second bicycle, or correctly re-assemble ones bike following packing/unpacking.  If for some reason, your ideal position cannot be obtained with your existing set-up, you will be provided with a list of recommended equipment changes in order to achieve your perfect fit.